Who is Knorzi®


Buddy - Steffen - Nele
Buddy – Steffen – Nele

Steffen and Achim each have 2 dogs, Lukas owns a small reptile zoo with corn snakes and leopard geckos.
For over three years we have been dealing with vines and are delighted with the use of vines as raw material.

Sustainability and regionality are topics that occupy us together and inspire with our work with vine wood.

Lukas – Teufel – Buddha

When working with the vines, we noticed that our dogs are always steal a cut Knorze, so called the vines in the Palatinate, and chew gleefully on it. The ends quickly look like frayed, no sharp splinters but like the bristles of a toothbrush.
Great idea from our dogs! Thus Knorzi® was born, simple and yet ingenious.
Trials with dogs from friends were consistently a success. Even Graziano (R.I.P), the young Rottweiler Dog of a friend, needed about 2 weeks for the Knorzi® to get him small.

Henri - Achim - Mac
Henri – Achim – Mac

There are plenty of dog toys – plastic, rubber, rope, overseas wood but none of a natural raw material from Germany! Except Knorzi®.

Knorzi® is handmade – hand harvested, hand loaded, hand sawed and sorted – either for Terrarium Knorzi® or for Dog Knorzi®. Only the last step of the production takes over a machine. The Knorzi® are packed by hand!


The raw material is guaranteed to come from Germany!


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