Knorzi® for dogs

Chewing toy / Chew wood for your dog from Palatine vine wood 100% nature, dog toy , chewing bone, chewing pleasure, employment toy– sustainable, biological product.

Knorzi® – the natural chewing pleasure with tooth cleansing effect for the health of your four-legged friend.  The sturdy employment toy is free from any chemical or harmful components.
Thus, owners can be sure that their beloved friend satisfies his instinctive chewing needs absolutely pollutant-free. The long lasting chewing fun of the extra class impresses also to the delight of its owner by its rustic and at the same time high-quality optics.


The „Rebknorzen“ from old vines come directly from the beautiful Palatinate. They are replaced by variety changes or due to age reasons in the fall. GesunDu + eG has its headquarters here, in the second largest wine-growing region in Germany. The dog toy is untreated and made of hard, dense wood.


safety instructions:

Your dog should chew the „Knorzen“, like any other toy, only under supervision. If it is too small (risk of swallowing), simply replace it with a new one.

By chewing and salivating the ends become fibrous and soft as bristles do a toothbrush. Fibers that your beloved pet gets off can be swallowed without hesitation.

  • Unique pieces from vines
  • 100% nature from the Palatinate
  • Free from colors and preservatives
  • For long-lasting chewing pleasure
  • Three sizes selectable:
  • Size S (about 120 g) for small dogs up to 14 kg body weight and
  • Size M (about 220 g) for medium dogs up to 30 kg body weight
  • Size L (about 320 g) for large dogs from 30 kg body weight


  • Knorzi® is available in well-stocked specialist shops actually in Germany, or here: