for Terrarium

„Rebknorzen“ / Vine Wood / climbing wood / decoration from organic vines

Knorzi® is a natural product – no one is the same.

From Palatine organic vines 100% natural – a sustainable, biological product for decoration purposes of all kinds – unsuitable for aquariums.
The „Rebknorze“ is a 100% sustainable and natural deco or climbing wood for rodents of all kinds, such as hamsters, gerbils and degus. Even reptiles find their fun on the smooth surface of the mechanically smoothed grapevines.


The hard and particularly dense wood is chamber dried (against pests) and free of chemical or harmful substances. Thus, it is ideal for the design of terrariums or Nagarien and small rodents have their fun with it.

They can wrench off claws and teeth, hide behind the wood, sleep on and climb, or dig through below. There will be new game and hiding places, which will encourage the animals to exercise and playfulness.


The extremely robust and durable „Rebknorze“ triggers not only with the rodents enthusiasm. Also you as a pet owner will feel the purest joy for your little darlings to make beautiful and varied living landscapes.

Origin of Knorzen:

The Rebknorze come from the beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate, where they are are harvested from old Vines , which are sorted out due to age in autumn or by variety changes. Here, in the second largest wine growing region in Germany, the Palatinate, GesunDu + eG has its headquarters.

  • Unique pieces of organic vines – none are alike
  • 100% nature from the Palatinate
  • Untreated and chamber-dried, free from colorings and preservatives
  • Maintains claws and teeth

Two sizes can be selected:
size S (length about 20 cm / width about 8 cm) and
size M (length about 25 cm / width about 12 cm)

Knorzi® is actually only shipped in Germany. Would you like to order Knorzi for other countries, please get in direct touch with us to find a way to satisfy.