chewing toys for dogs – naturally – chewing wood from palatinate organic vine wood


The chewing toy for your beloved dog – the original from Palatinate organic vine wood.

Is there nothing to nibble?
Then I ask my people to get me a Knorzi® 

      • chewing fun by naturally wood
      • 100% nature
      • pollution-free
      • does not splinter
      • frays like a toothbrush
      • When I chew,  my teeth are naturally cleaned
      • Knorzi® is super hard wood – it trains my chewing muscles and lasts very long

so I am busy and satisfied.

New  Product   Knorzi®– Hemprope dogtoy  – natural Rope from Hemp – handmade in Palatine – Germany. Fine toy for your dog, to fetch, tug or just chew on it. Also god for teethcleansing.